Commence dans 1 Mois, 19 Jours

12 mai 2018 5 h 00 min - 12 h 00 min Indian/Mauritius

    Set-up in 2006 LUX* Royal Raid is the first trail run of the history of Mauritius!

    This fantastic event will lead you in the heart of the Island and makes you discover unforgettable tropical sceneries.

    Every year, local, international runners and hikers are all enjoying the wonderful friendship atmosphere which prevails before, all along and after the event!

    LUX* Royal Raid consists of three races being held simultaneously:
    LUX* Royal Raid 80 (RR80) a race of 80 kilometers to be covered in less than 19 hours
    LUX* Royal Raid 35 (RR35) a race of 35 kilometers to be covered in less than 09 hours
    LUX* Royal Raid 15 (RR15) a race of 15 kilometers to be covered in less than 05 hours

    During the challenge the participants will have the opportunity to discover the following beautiful places. Access to most of these places is given only to Royal Raid runners…

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