24 mai 2017 vers 27 mai 2017 20 h 00 min - 21 h 45 min Indian/Mauritius

Théâtre Serge Constantin

Stevenson Rd, Vacoas-Phoenix

    Just like ‘Especes Menacées’ presented last year, ‘Stationnement Alterné’ is a play by Ray Cooney, undisputed master of the lie that he handles in virtuosity to entangle his characters for a hell-like road!
    This is the story of a bigam taxi driver who leads a double life. Married to 2 women, divided between 2 apartments, juggling perfectly with his schedule overloaded, until the day when, thanks to a road accident, his double life is about to be discovered by 2 Inspectors.
    The original particularity of the play: it takes place simultaneously in the 2 apartments of the 2 wives!

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